Untitled Switzerland

Photography (2014 - 2016)

The Untitled Switzerland series was photographed in the Swiss alps in 2014 and edited over the course of two years. The photographs examine the kinetic point between nature and technology, as well as the relationship between memory and reality in the formation of a landscape. How momentous are the differences between an image formed by memory and that of an image taken with a camera? Bordering on photo-collage the Untitled Switzerland series creates tension within traditionally beautiful landscapes.


Installation (2015-2016) 15 x 1,5 m

Joiku is a malleable site-specific installation that represents a map. It is reminiscent of a computer generated visual soundscape or a 3D illustration of a landscape.

Map of Home

 (2013) 50 x 70 cm


Soundscape, sound installation (2013) 20:03 min

The Void is a response to the melding of cities and natural environments; composed from a collage of live recordings and crafted music.

It's Easy To Look Happy

Photography (2013) 37 x 50 cm


Video animation (2014) 01:24

Birth Words

Performance photography

Birth Words explores the relationship and obsession towards my ancestral homeland Karelia.